Unlock hidden insights in your PayPal Giving Fund Data


Did you know that lots of the fundraising platforms that your supporters are currently using are already partnering with PayPal Giving Fund, which receives the donations and grants them to your charity. 

You may not have realised, but this is a very handy benefit of the recent change from Meta Fundraising payment processing to the partnership with PayPal Giving Fund. 

In this blog we will explain in more detail how Social Sync have been working hard behind the scenes to offer charities a new joined up approach to fundraising. 

We are proud to introduce our groundbreaking tools to help charities connect their fundraising platforms into a powerful unified data dashboard.  It’s time to meet your supporters where they are!

Which fundraising platforms are already partnering with PayPal Giving Fund?

Through the new Social Sync data hub you will now be able to seamlessly sync your data from over 14 fundraising platforms. 

This includes:

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • PayPal
  • GoFundMe
  • eBay for Charity
  • GoFundraise
  • Humble Bundle
  • Uber
  • Deed
  • Thrift+
  • Bequeathed
  • Virtue

Why is this useful to know?

Social Sync’s groundbreaking dashboards, unifies data across Facebook, Instagram, JustGiving and PayPal Giving Fund, with many more to come.

Charities will be able to get deeper insights into their fundraising performance across platforms. 

Using Social Sync’s free tools, charities will also be able to offer consistent and enhanced stewardship journeys for supporters, no matter where they are raising funds.

How will it work?

It will only take a few simple steps to seamlessly sync your data from a number of fundraising platforms, helping your supporters to raise money however they like.

  1. Download your data from PayPal Giving Fund
  2. Upload it onto the Social Sync hub using our easy-to-use import tool
  3. Take control of your data and help your supporters to raise more!


How will it benefit my charity?

Our comprehensive dashboards give you all the information you need to track fundraising performance across multiple platforms, helping you to prioritise your time and optimise your campaigns. 

You can also get a quick view of each supporter’s activity, no matter where they are fundraising.

Now you’ve pulled in data from various fundraising platforms, you can offer your supporters additional ways to fundraise. 

For example, it’s easy to set-up an automated email flow in Social Sync, inviting supporters to create a Facebook fundraiser in a few easy steps.

Furthermore, you will be able to give your supporters more tools to hit their targets by connecting platforms like eBay, Twitch and Thrift+.

It’s hard to keep track of the growing number of platforms your supporters are using (or could be using!) to raise money for you.

Connect the platforms together in Social Sync’s hub to offer your supporters multiple ways to meet and exceed their fundraising target, on platforms they like using. 

We’ll sync the data and show supporters their total across platforms. 

How do I sign up to Social Sync?

Social Sync is completely free to join. 

Any charity can start using these tools to maximise their campaigns by signing up here: