Are you double counting your Facebook income?

Changes to data files since the switch to PayPal Giving Fund could result in you double counting your Facebook income – read on to find out Social Sync could help you streamline your processes.

Recap: What has changed?

Meta has partnered with PayPal Giving Fund to manage Facebook fundraising donations. The main changes brought about by this partnership are:

 – Meta will no longer be covering the payment processing fees that 3rd parties charge for each donation ☹️

 – PayPal Giving Fund claims the Gift Aid and grants the funds to you 😁

 – The data files (and how you need to process them) have changed 🤷

If you don’t make changes to how you process this data, you might be double counting your Facebook income!

Changes to data files

Previously, Meta provided a transaction export containing details of each donation and a payment export that showed which donations related to the payouts you received from Meta. These two files could be reconciled in your finance system and CRM so that you could relate income to supporters.

Now, there is a transaction export from Meta, a payment export from PayPal Giving Fund AND a transaction export from PayPal Giving fund. Due to the structure of these files, if you are importing both transaction exports into your systems, you may be double counting the Facebook donations.

How does Social Sync solve these problems?

With Social Sync, you can reconcile ALL THREE of these data files with the other data that you need to manage your campaigns, such as fundraiser data and income codes. It’s simple and quick to do, saving you time and ensuring that all of your data is accurate.

On top of all of that, Social Sync also reconciles the new information provided by Paypal Giving Fund for your Meta income, such as processing fees, currency conversions and donor tips. If you want accurate financial and supporter information for your Facebook income, Social Sync is where it’s at.

 ⚖️ Reconcile your fundraiser, donor and payment information all in one place

 🕵️ Get more insights on your campaigns and donations across Facebook, Instagram and PayPal Giving Fund

⌚ Save time with your admin by avoiding manual reconciliation with spreadsheets

💾  One single export with all of your Facebook, Instagram and PayPal Giving Fund donations

😁 Use your excellent, clean data to provide better stewardship for happy supporters

The icing on the cake? Social Sync is FREE!

Create your free account here:  https://socialsync.io/register

And that’s just the beginning…watch this space for part two of our PayPal Blog coming next week to find out how Social Sync can help you to get deeper insights, provide better stewardship and raise more money.