The power of multi-platform fundraising in the face of technical challenges

Picture the scene…It’s the end of August 2023 and you’re due to launch your October Facebook Challenge any time soon. But then all of a sudden your plans are thrown into disarray by some changes to Facebook fundraising.

Do you postpone your campaign? Cancel it?

Never fear, Social Sync and Social Mind are here to help you work out the best options!

What had happened?

At the end of August, Meta announced a partnership with PayPal Giving Fund to change how donations were processed through the platform. These changes came a little out of the blue – but there are some great upsides that we’ve previously discussed here.

As a result of these changes, Facebook fundraisers couldn’t be created as normal, and new donors were temporarily unable to make donations. Many charities chose not to run their challenges in the face of so much uncertainty, but anyone using Social Sync was protected from the turmoil.

How were they protected, I hear you say?

  1. First, thanks to Social Sync’s unique features, campaigns were able to launch with the same seamless supporter onboarding process as usual, with one key change – instead of setting up a Facebook fundraiser upon registration, a branded fundraiser was created so that supporters could start collecting donations right away.

  2. Next, with Social Mind’s innovative multi-channel journeys, supporters were kept informed every step of the way and could access their branded fundraiser and activity tracker any time they wanted in their Messenger menu.

  3. Finally, with expert support and extra capacity provided by Social Mind, all campaigns could pivot to this new process quickly. Registration forms, emails and Messenger journeys were rewritten in record time so that campaigns could still launch on time.

What were the results?

In short, fantastic campaigns that smashed their targets!

There were two campaigns that made full use of all of these features:

  • Dip a Day for Surfers Against Sewage. 
  • 75 Mile Dog Walk for the MND Association.


Across both of these campaigns, we saw more than double the fundraising activation, compared to similar campaigns running at the same time that weren’t using Social Sync.

The power of multi-platform fundraising

We also saw the true power of multi-platform fundraising for these campaigns. When Facebook fundraising was back up and running, we sent everyone their own Facebook fundraiser that was synced in real-time to their existing branded one. 

This gave a massive spike in income, but also saw participants using both pages to great effect until the very end of the campaign.

How do I sign up to Social Sync?

Want to find out more about how Social Sync can help you to keep your campaigns on track in the face of technical challenges, check out our on-demand demo or get in touch.