Meta’s partnership with PayPal Giving Fund

Keep your Facebook fundraising moving in turbulent times…

You have probably seen the news that Meta is changing how they manage payments for Facebook fundraising.

In brief: it has been announced that from 1st November 2023, Meta will partner exclusively with the PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF) and will no longer process donations through its own payment entities.

Change is often challenging, but we’re here to help guide you through this process to keep your social fundraising on track.

Social Sync is uniquely placed to help ensure that your current and future Facebook Challenges can continue to offer an excellent supporter experience, and that you can continue to receive donations during this period. 

Our branded fundraising pages that sync directly to Facebook fundraisers will be unaffected throughout this period, and our game-changing multi-channel stewardship journeys will keep supporters informed so that they can focus on fundraising.

So what’s new?

First, the fee-free fundraising from Facebook will end when these changes have taken effect.  This is obviously a blow to the many charities who have relied on these donations, but Facebook will continue to be an excellent platform for fundraising despite the small extra cost.

Second, while these changes are being made, Facebook fundraisers will have a cut-off point of 31st October 2023.  If you’re running a challenge in September or October, get in touch now to see how Social Sync can help you to keep your fundraising on track. 

Challenges from November onwards should not be affected, provided you take this important step now…

ACTION REQUIRED: Accept the new payment terms and activate PPGF before 15th September

As the new payment processor for Facebook Fundraising, the Paypal Giving Fund is in an excellent position to provide a seamless donation experience.

Chances are, your charity is already a member (you can check here), but you still need to accept these terms or your Meta nonprofit tools will be switched off.

Follow these steps to accept the new terms…

Go to:

You must be an admin of your FB page and logged in as the charity to access this page and to accept the terms.

A popup should be showing with a link for you to review and accept the terms:


How can Social Sync help?

Social Sync is about more than just Meta fundraising. 

When a supporter creates a fundraiser for one of your campaigns using our system, we also create a branded fundraising page that syncs directly with their Facebook and Instagram fundraisers. 

In normal times, this is an excellent feature as supporters have more options to collect donations.  In times like these, it’s a vital tool that will keep your donations flowing.

Social Sync also facilitates behavioural multi-channel stewardship journeys via email, SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp and Facebook Fundraiser Posts.  Campaigns that use these tools typically raise at least 20% more, and when there’s change afoot, we can get the news to your supporters through the channel they want at the touch of a button.

If you’re already a Social Sync customer, get in touch with your account manager to understand how these changes could affect your campaigns.

If you’re not, what are you waiting for: