Introducing Linked Instagram Fundraising

Instagram fundraising is an exciting growth space with comparatively few organisations fully leveraging its potential.

And the opportunity is MASSIVE.

While Instagram fundraising is already supported on Social Sync through Story Stickers, Feed Fundraisers, and Profile Donate Buttons, we are delighted to unveil an exciting new addition to our platform. Today marks a significant milestone as Social Sync introduces Linked Instagram Fundraisers!

What exactly is a “Linked Instagram Fundraiser”?

Many of you may have spotted the addition of a new column to the Facebook transaction report “Linked Fundraiser ID.” This new data point is a game changer for Instagram Fundraising as now you can allocate Instagram Feed Fundraisers to an individual supporter effortlessly using Social Sync. 

When a supporter shares their Facebook fundraiser to Instagram Meta now creates a linked Instagram Feed Fundraiser that can be tracked using this ID. 

This means Social Sync can automatically allocate these Instagram Feed Fundraisers to existing DIY, Birthday and Facebook Challenge fundraiser records! 

This is powerful as it means:

  1. You can track who is choosing to raise money on Instagram and what types of activities are raising the most. 
  2. Supporters can effortlessly expand their reach, which, in turn, boosts your ability to raise more funds through both organic and managed campaigns.
  3. Social Sync makes it easy for you to raise more through Instagram fundraising with confidence, backed by accurate fundraiser data. 

Just imagine the potential of stewarding all your challenge’s Facebook supporters into sharing their fundraiser’s on Instagram.

How does Social Sync process Linked Instagram Fundraisers?

Here is an example where we have a supporter that has taken part in two challenges.  This is their record for “Ride 300km in July”, but you can also see their “Summer Marathon” campaign in the left hand panel.

For Ride 300km you get a clear view of how much they raised on each platform:

These donations are all then neatly summed up to at the registration level, like so:

Cool right?  Plus you can see how active they were during the challenge, view all their associated form submissions and dig into the details of every transaction.

How does a supporter actually share their fundraiser on Instagram?

Fortunately Meta has made this very seamless.

And therein lies another benefit of this new feature. 

Its a very low effort, low risk action for a supporter to take.  They simply need to click a couple of buttons for instant exposure to Instagram’s huge audience of over 1.35bn daily active users.

How can I leverage this feature for my organisation?

Besides signing up for Social Sync (of course), there are a couple of prerequisites from Meta’s side.

To raise money on Instagram, your charity must:

 – Enrol and be approved to use Facebook charitable giving tools.

 – Switch to an Instagram business account, if you haven’t already.

 – Link your charity’s Instagram business account with your charity’s verified Facebook Page.

 – If this is your first time linking to your Page or enrolling with Facebook charitable giving tools, check to make sure that people are able to add donation stickers on Instagram for your charity.  You can do this by clicking Publishing tools at the top of your Facebook Page and selecting Donation settings below Fundraisers.  Click to tick the box next to Allow people to add donation stickers on Instagram Stories and click Save.

Final Words

We hope you’re excited about the possibilities this new feature from Meta provides.

Instagram’s influence in the social media landscape continues to grow, and with it, the potential for charities to make a difference expands as well.

By embracing Instagram fundraising, your charity can tap into a vast community of engaged users, share compelling stories, and inspire meaningful action for your cause.

Social Sync’s aim is to simplify the process, streamline campaign management, and equip charities with the tools they need to succeed in their fundraising efforts.

Together, let’s make the world a better place, one Instagram story at a time.