The next evolution in campaign automation

Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to automation!  

Managing complex supporter journeys just got a whole lot easier with the new and improved Rule Builder.

From simplifying complex workflows to automating repetitive tasks, our Rule Builder empowers you to take control of supporter journey automation like never before.

What is the Rule Builder?

The Rule Builder is one part of our Supporter Journey Engine.

With the Rule Builder, you can create custom rules that automatically trigger actions based on specific conditions, such as supporter behaviour, engagement levels, donation thresholds and more.

Whether it’s sending targeted emails, updating tags, or scheduling follow-up actions, the possibilities with the rule builder are endless.

What's new?

Macro UI overhaul

The Rule Builder UI has had a complete overhaul.  You can now easily manage all rules/automations for your campaign from one single page.

See all your campaign's rules, triggers and touchpoints on a single page

No more jumping around from one page to another, or having to mentally keep track of all your emails, messages and rules.

By presenting your fundraising campaign’s rules all in one place you can quickly view/edit/deactivate rules.  Its the perfect holistic, efficient and scalable basis for all your supporter’s journeys.

New and improved Journey Triggers system

Journey triggers give you the power to initiate automated workflows based on specific triggers, such as user actions, events, or conditions.

If this Trigger, then do that Action

Whether it’s a first donation, a new fundraiser created, a specific form submission, a campaign start date or an amount raised threshold, Journey Triggers allow you to respond instantly and intelligently, delivering personalised experiences that engage and delight your supporters.

This list is far from exhaustive, there are lots of new trigger conditions and they’re all designed for, and by, fundraisers who understand the nuances of supporter journeys.

Whereas other platforms provide basic triggers – e.g. for anyone who registers or at a specific date/time – we’ve really taken this to the next level with a huge selection of advanced triggers that you won’t find anywhere else!

Introducing Quick Actions

Going hand in hand with new triggers are, of course, some new actions.

Actions” are the things that get automated as the result of a trigger being fired.

Actions therefore include sending or scheduling a “touchpoint”: i.e. an email, SMS or a fundraiser page message.

In addition to touchpoint actions we now have the aptly named “Quick Actions”…

Introducing Quick Actions, an extensible framework for automating supporter/journey actions

This new Quick Actions framework is an extensible system which we will build upon in future updates.

For now, it allows you to Add/Remove tags as a result of any triggers, and also Add to/Remove from Pathways, which will be available imminently as part of the forthcoming Pathway Builder launch.

Touchpoint analytics in the Rule Builder

Last, but by no means least, we’re bringing touchpoint analytics to the Rule Builder UI.

Get comprehensive insights into the performance of every touchpoint

This simplifies reporting and overall oversight into the performance of various messages and part of a composable UI framework that will be shared by both the Rule and Pathway builders.

Coming soon...

As always there were a couple of features that didn’t make the cut off for the current release. 

Split testing

Our split testing feature for touchpoints will be available very soon, it just needs some additional testing to make sure its splitting touchpoint variations in the most optimal way.

Exclusion conditions

Exclusion conditions are the “except for when…” part of a rule that say:

If this trigger, do that action; “except for when” these conditions are met.

These exclusion conditions further enhance the flexibility and power of our supporter journey engine.  They will work across both rules and pathways and will be available soon.

Get started today...

Ready to take your supporter journeys to the next level?

With these powerful new features at your fingertips, you’ll be able to streamline your workflows, steward your supporter’s in new and impactful ways, and drive better results for your organisation.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements coming soon.  We’re committed to helping you deliver the best supporter journeys possible, every step of the way.